Winter Berry Wreath

I have a problem!  I’m obsessed with making wreaths for my front door and I need a new wreath for every holiday. Ok, I shouldn’t say need – I want a new wreath for every holiday.  I’m not very good at reusing wreaths because I think I get tired of looking at them after a few months so it was time for a new Christmas wreath.

Winter Berry Wreath

This year’s wreath is a simple berry wreath that I LOVE!!  I’ve been wanting more of a winter wreath instead of a Christmas wreath and this wreath turned out better than I imagined.  Now I can keep it up into the new year.

And guess what?  I was able to make it for less than $20.  You can’t beat that price!

berry wreath materials


  • grapevine wreath
  • 6 large berry cluster stems
  • glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

The directions are simple – just poke stems of the berry clusters through the grape vine wreath.  Secure into place with your glue gun if you want.  Then hang your wreath and admire how pretty it is.

Holiday Berry Wreath

I’m not sure if you can see it in the pictures but the ends of the berries are glittery which makes it even prettier.  And, I think I say this about every wreath but I this might be my favorite one I’ve made so far.  Maybe I should just say this is my favorite winter wreath I’ve made so far.

What do you think?

Have I inspired you to make your own Winter Berry Wreath?  Remember – if I can do it, you can do it!

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Halloween Spider Wreath

Over the weekend I finally finished this year’s Halloween wreath and I LOVE it!  It might just be my favorite wreath yet and it was probably the easiest wreath I’ve made.

And guess what makes it my favorite?

It lights up!!

Spider Halloween Wreath


This Halloween Spider Wreath uses battery operated lights.

Only three things are needed for this wreath- a grapevine wreath, purple spray paint and a set of Halloween battery operated lights.  (I found spider lights at Walmart but I also saw them at Target)

Halloween Spider Wreath

First, spray paint the wreath.  Then, just add the lights to the wreath and you are done.  I weaved them through the different twigs on the wreath so they would stay in place.

Halloween Spider Wreath

Now can you see why it’s my favorite?

Halloween Spider Wreath

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Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

I put my 4th of July wreath away over the weekend and realized that I hadn’t shared my Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath yet.

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

I think I say this every time I make a new wreath but this might be my favorite one yet.  I love the color and I love the starfish.  I’ve been wanting to make a burlap bubble wreath for awhile now and my front door gets so hot in the summer time that I needed something that didn’t require using a glue gun.

Want to make one too?  I promise it’s easy.

Materials needed:

  • straw wreath
  • blue burlap ribbon (2 rolls)
  • tan burlap ribbon (2 rolls)
  • blue net burlap ribbon (1 roll)
  • floral greening pins
  • 2 starfish
  • glitter mod podge
  • paint brush
  • super glue or glue gun with glue sticks

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

Step 1:  Wrap tan burlap around entire wreath and secure ends with greening pins.

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

Step 2:  Start adding the blue burlap ribbon by securing one end with a greening pin.  Then, every 2-3 inches secure a section of the burlap ribbon to the wreath with a greening pin creating a bubble.  Continue around the entire wreath.  I did this in 4 layers so the entire front of the wreath was covered.

Step 3:  Next, layer the net burlap over the tan burlap.  Cut sections of 4 inches and secure in random places around the wreath.

Step 4:  Paint starfish with glitter mod podge.  When that dries, glue starfish to wreath.

Step 5:  Hang and admire your gorgeous new summer wreath.

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

I can’t stop staring at it on my door.

So, what do you think?  A gorgeous burlap and starfish wreath in 4 easy steps.  Not too bad!  It’s a perfect summer project to work on and all your friends will want one.  I just helped my neighbor make a green one for her front door that turned out great.

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Felt Candy Cane Wreath

This post is sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  All opinions are 100% my own!

I needed a new Christmas wreath and when I came across Heather’s Candy Cane Wreath on Whipperberry, I knew I had to make one!

Candy Cane Wreath

I headed to Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Store to pick up a foam wreath, 1 yard of red and white felt, a pack of pins, and some green ribbon.  I also bought a new pair of scissors because they were 50% off and I love cutting with new scissors:)

Then Connor and I put on our favorite Christmas movie, One Magic Christmas, and I got to work making a Candy Cane Wreath.

Candy Cane Wreath Supplies

Step 1:  Wrap the wreath in fabric or ribbon.  I actually used white duct tape because I think it makes the wreath more sturdy in case it falls.  I’ve had too many wreaths fall and break.

Step 2:  Cut your felt into 4 inch squares.

Step 3:  Fold a felt square in half and then in half again (corner to corner).  Pin a row of red felt squares and then a row of white felt squares.  Continue until the wreath is covered.

Step 4:  Add a pretty bow.

Felt Candy Cane Wreath

Now you’re ready to hang your beautiful candy cane wreath!

Need a few last minute holiday gifts?  Joann’s has a coupon for the month of December.

JoAnn's December Coupon

There is still time to make a few more holiday craft projects and decorations.  Need some inspiration?  Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores has a fabulous inspiration site full of fun and crafty ideas for the holiday season!  Check it out HERE.

Thank you Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I am excited to work with a company whose mission is to spark creativity that lives in every person.

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Halloween Monster Wreath

I think this is my favorite wreath I’ve made!  I wanted a fun Halloween wreath for my front door this year and headed to Pinterest for some inspiration.  As soon as I came across this monster wreath, I immediately knew I had to make one.  Isn’t it fun?

Monster Wreath

Want to make your own Halloween Monster Wreath?

Supplies needed:

  • 4 feather boas
  • 1 straw or foam wreath
  • floral pins
  • Purple and black pipe cleaners
  • wiggle eyes in a variety of sizes
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • 4 inch piece of ribbon

Step 1:  Wrap feather boas around wreath and use the floral pins to hold in place.

Monster Wreath Supplies

Step 2:  Use your glue gun to attach wiggle eyes to pipe cleaners.  Curl pipe cleaners with your finger or a pencil.  I used 20 eyes but I could have kept adding more.  I really had to stop myself and walk away.

Step 3:  Attach eyes to wreath using floral pins.

Step 4:  Loop ribbon and attach to back of wreath with floral pin.

Step 5:  Hang on door, step back, and admire your AWESOME Monster Wreath!

How cute is this wreath!!  You know you want to make one.

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My Spring Wreath

I wanted something bright and cheery for my front door.  And I’m loving anything yellow and turquoise right now, so I created my spring wreath with yellow flowers.
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I got the wreath, yellow flowers and the piece of wood at Michael’s.  I attached the flowers with floral wire.  I painted the edge of the wood turquoise and the inside with chalkboard paint.  Then I wrote “Welcome” with my handy dandy chalk pen.

I usually am not a fan of fake flowers but these small yellow flowers are perfect!
I love how cheerful it is!
What colors are you loving this spring?

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Burlap Wreath with Chalkboard Heart

I finally finished my Valentine wreath!

Burlap Wreath with Chalkboard Heart

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And it was definitely a labor of love!  But I’m not complaining at all because I love the way it turned out and my friend and I had a fun time making our wreaths together!!

I originally wanted to make this heart wreath from The Idea Room but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

First, I couldn’t find the heart foam wreath at any of my local craft stores.  Then, when I went to Joann’s they had about 1/2 a yard of red felt so I had to come up with a plan B.  After walking around Joann’s for about an hour I ended up leaving with a round wreath a red burlap.

Supplies Needed for a Burlap Valentine Wreath:

  • 2 yards of red burlap
  • 1 round foam wreath
  • straight pins
  • hole puncher
  • red scrapbook paper
  • wooded heart
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalk
  • jute

I pretty much followed the same directions as The Idea Room except for one important step:

As I started using the straight pins to attach the circles to the wreath, I found that the pins would go right though the burlap so I had to improvise.  I used my hole puncher to punch holes in red card stock.  I poked the straight pin through the small circles and then attached the burlap to the wreath.  I used one straight pin to attach two pieces of burlap.

You might think that this adds an extra step to the process but after the burlap circles kept falling off of the wreath and I would have to fix it, it actually helped it go by faster.

Cover entire wreath with folded burlap circles making sure all spaces are filled in.

Valentine Burlap Wreath with Chalkboard Heart

I wasn’t planning on adding the chalkboard heart but after it was all finished, I felt like it was missing something.  My friend suggested a heart so I headed to Michael’s and found the wooden heart.

I painted the heart with chalkboard paint and drilled two holes in it.  I wrote “Love is Spoken Here” with a chalk pen and simply tied it to the wreath with jute.

Valentine Burlap Wreath with Chalkboard Heart

I love it!!  After Valentine’s Day I plan on untying the heart and adding a rectangular chalkboard so I can write “Welcome” on it.

So put on a good Lifetime movie, open a bottle of wine, grab a friend and have fun making this burlap wreath.

What’s your favorite Valentine craft you’ve made this year?  Leave a link so I can stop by and check it out.

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Ornament Wreath – Pottery Barn Knockoff

I am so excited to share my new holiday wreath with you!


I fell in love with this Pottery Barn Wreath as soon as I opened the catalog!    But since I have a problem where I look at everything and say “I can totally make that myself,” I knew I immediately I had to make one for my front door.


I really wanted a real wreath this year because I love the way they smell.  I found the wreath at Home Depot for $14.99.  Then I headed to my local Dollar Tree to buy some cheap ornaments.  I only needed three packs of ornaments so my wreath cost me less than $20.  Much better than $39.


This is a quick and easy project and you could always use an artificial wreath that is probably cheaper than a real one.


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 Step 1:  Glue ornament tops to ornaments with a glue gun so they don’t fall off when you attach them to the wreath.


Step 2:  Use floral wire to attach ornaments to wreath.


Step 3:  Hang and Admire!


Super easy and gorgeous!!  And it smells so good when you walk in the door!

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Fourth of July Projects – Inspired by Pinterest

I’m loving all the awesome Fourth of July crafts and recipes people are pinning!

So I couldn’t resist making a few this month for the Pinterest Challenge.  I really could have done Fourth of July crafts all weekend long but I had to limit myself to just three.

First, Connor and I had a blast making these Firecracker Cupcakes.  I ended up using red, white, and blue sprinkles instead of doing the three colors of icing but the pull ‘n’ peel twizzlers is such a genious idea!  Thank you Jamie for the great idea!  These were a huge hit at our cook-out this past weekend.

Next, I HAD to make this Patriotic Wreath created by Sky over at Capital B.

I’m so in love with how it turned out!  And it wasn’t hard to make at all.  I thought for sure it would take me forever but it didn’t.  The only thing I did differently was add felt to the paper stars.

And I’m obsessed with all the handprint art I’ve seen lately.  My goal is to make an alphabet book of handprints this summer as a fun keepsake so, in honor of the Independence Day, I started with an American flag handprint.  I can’t wait to work on more handprint art.

I'm Topsy Turvy
Now it’s your turn!!  We want to see all your Pinterest inspired projects!  Link them up HERE.

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Balloon Birthday Wreath {Pinterest Challenge Project}

For this month’s Pinterest challenge, I finally completed a project I’d been admiring for almost a year. I first came across this pin on Pinterest last summer before I even started pinning things and immediately fell in love with it.

Birthdays are a big deal in our family.  In fact, we don’t have birth days, we have birth weeks!!  So I knew I had to make the balloon birthday wreath shared by How Does She.

I’m not gonna lie to you – this project was very time consuming.  Luckily I was able to convince my super fabulous friend Stephanie that she had to make one with me.  We sat down Saturday night with all our supplies and started working on our wreaths.
We used a wire wreath form and tied our balloons around the wire rings.  We also added pipe cleaners and ribbon.  If we were better prepared we would have had a bottle of wine and enough balloons to complete the project.
For some reason we thought we could make our wreath with fewer balloons than the inspiration piece.  Boy were we wrong!!  So Sunday morning we set out to buy even more balloons and a few hours later we finally finished out wreaths.  After 3 different trips to buy balloons and over 300 balloons, our project was complete .
Now that this beautiful wreath is complete, I will say it was worth the time and effort.
I can’t wait until our next birthday celebration so I can hang up my wreath.
And be prepared – if you invite me to a birthday party, I will be showing up with my birthday wreath to display somewhere at your house because I love it so much!
What has Pinterest inspired you to create lately?  Share it with us and you could win an awesome prize package.  Show it off HERE.

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