DIY Accordion Photo Book Gift Idea {with Free Printable}

I’m super excited to be participating in a fun Valentine’s Day Blog Hop with some fabulous bloggers.Valentine Blog Hop

I’m sharing a fun little photo book I made for my wonderful hubby to send him on the ship.  And like usual, it was super easy to put together.

DIY Photo Book All you need are a few of your favorite pictures, cardstock, double sided tape and some ribbon.  I had my favorite Instagram pictures printed at Walgreens so they were already 4×4.  You could print out 4×6 pictures and cut them to 4×4 or make a book that is 4×6.

Let’s get started.

DIY Photo Book - Step 1

Step 1:  Cut 4×8 inch strips of cardstock.  Fold each strip in half and adhere together using the double sided tape.

DIY Photo Book

Step 2:  Adhere your pictures to each square.

Step 3:  Tape  apiece of ribbon to the center of the front book.  Place the ribbon so it is about 5 inches long on the right and about 20 inches long on the left so it wraps around and ties.

You + Me = Awesome - Free Printables

Step 4:  Print out the cover printable (available HERE and HERE) and adhere to the front of the book.  I created two because I couldn’t decide which color scheme I wanted.  I decided to go with the more colorful cover.

Step 5:  The final step is to fold the book closed and tie the ribbon in a bow.

Such a fun little gift to make.  I think I’m going to make one for the grandparents also.

Now head over and check out these other great Valentine’s Day crafts and recipes.

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Make Your Own Instagram Magnets

So, I’ve been obsessed with Instagram since last summer.  Could you tell?

After I made my photo collage last month, I decided I wanted to make magnets out of my favorite Instagram photos.  The best part about this project is it’s cheap, easy and you get to upcycle old boxes and magnets.

DIY Instagram Magnets

Let’s make a few together.

First, we need to print out our favorite pictures.  I use PowerPoint again since I don’t have Photoshop.  Shocking I know:)

I set the page to be 12 x 18 because I knew I wanted to print my finished picture as a 4 x 6.

I imported the pictures and made them each 6 x 6 so I could fit 6 pics on one picture.  Then I saved it as a jpeg and uploaded it to shutterfly so I could have it printed as a 4 x 6 at Target.  You could have it printed anywhere or even print them yourself at home.  If you do it this way, each picture will measure 2 x 2 when printed.

Once your pictures are printed, gather the rest of the supplies:

  • old business card magnet
  • cereal box or any piece of cardboard
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • pictures

Cut each of your pictures out.  Then cut your cardboard and magnet into 2 x 2 squares.

Now take your double sided tape and tape each layer together.  I started by taping the cardboard to the magnet and then taped the picture to the cardboard.  Just make sure you don’t tape the cardboard on the side of the magnet that attracts to the magnetic surface.  (I almost made this mistake)

DIY Instagram Magnets

Aren’t they cute?!  I’m going to take a few to work to put on my filing cabinet so I can look at my boys while I’m at work.  I’m also going to make a few for the grandparents!  They will make great gifts.

DIY Instagram Magnets
An Instagram picture of my Instagram magnets

This is a super easy project to make.  And it’s always fun to recycle some old cereal boxes.  Remember you don’t have to use Instagram photos; you can use any of your favorite pictures!  This project cost me 38 cents to make 12 magnets because I only had to buy the pictures.  All the other supplies I already had around my house.

I hope you have fun making your own photo magnets.  I’d love to see any that you make so please come back and leave a comment if you make some.

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Photo Collage Using PowerPoint

Let’s display all those fabulous Instagram pics we have on our phones!

I came across this awesome pin on Pinterest and immediately pinned it.  But then I was a little disappointed when I saw that it required Photoshop.  I went to work trying to figure out how I could make it since I don’t have Photoshop.
At first I thought I would just print out all of my favorite pictures and cut them to size but then I found that I couldn’t cut them small enough.  Then I started playing around with PowerPoint and I was thrilled when the photo collage all came together.
All you need is Microsoft PowerPoint and your favorite photos!Here is how you can create your own photo collage using PowerPoint:
Step 1:  Open a new PowerPoint presentation and set your dimension.  I had an IKEA frame that I wasn’t using that measured 20 x 20 so I set my dimensions to 18 x 18.
Step 2:  Insert your first picture
Step 3:  Now we most likely need to make the pictures square.  I did use some Instagram pictures but most of them needed to be cropped so they were square.  To do this, click on crop and use the dimensions shown to crop your picture so it is a perfect square.
Step 4:  Decide the dimensions you want each picture to be.  This will depend on the size of your final image and the number of pictures you want to have in each row.  Since my collage would be 18 x 18, I figured 8 pictures in each row would be perfect.  I determined that each picture needed to be 2.25 x 2.25.
Step 5:  Just type in your dimensions and move the picture into place.
 Step 6:  Keep adding your pictures, crop them and move them where you want them.  Now to make sure they are evenly spaced, we want to distribute them horizontally.  This is found under Picture Tools.  Once you’ve inserted all your pictures, you can distribute them vertically also to make sure everything is lined up.

Step 7:  Now we need to add our 2011.  Start by inserting a rectangle.

Step 8:  Set the dimensions so they are the same as your pictures.  Change the color to what you want.

Step 8: Copy and paste 3 more squares. Insert four text boxes and add your numbers.
 Step 9: Align each shape with each text box so they are centered.
Step 10:  Align all four text boxes.
Step 11:  Admire you fabulous new art work!!
Photo Collage using PowerPoint
Step 12:  Have it printed, frame it, and hang it up for all to see.  I had mine printed as a poster at Kinkos for $19.99.It might seem like a lot of work, but it really wasn’t and I definitely think it was worth the time.

Just put in a good movie and work on your masterpiece.  I watched The Help while I made mine.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at and I will help you out with any questions or problems you might have.

I hope you have fun making your Instagram photo collage and would love to hear from you if you make one using this tutorial.

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