DIY Ornament Cake Stands

It’s Craft Lightning time!

Do you know what that means?

It means I’ve got a fun and easy project that can be completed in 15 minutes.  And these DIY Ornament Cake Stands take less than 15 minutes to put together (minus the drying time).

DIY Ornament Cake Stands


Materials needed:  (I found all of these at my local Walmart)

  • glass plates and bowls
  • E6000 clear adhesive
  • small ornaments


Step 1:  Glue bowls to plate using the E6000 adhesive

Step 2:  Once the glue dries, fill bowls with ornaments.

Step 3:  Place a piece of paper over bowl and flip cake stand over.  Place on table and slide paper out from underneath the cake stand.

ornament cake stands

That’s it!

In 3 easy steps, you have a festive holiday cake stand.

How awesome is that?!  It took me longer to take pictures of the cake stands than it did to make them.

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Beaded Letter Ornaments

Do you love making handmade Christmas ornaments?

I do!

And boy do I have something fun for you all today.  I’ve teamed up with some crafty ladies to bring you over 30 handmade Christmas ornaments.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop

I love making personalized ornaments and with the holidays right around the corner, these beaded letters make the perfect Christmas ornament and gift tag.  You could even use them as place settings at your holiday table.  So many uses for these gorgeous Beaded Letter Ornaments!

Beaded Letter Ornaments

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own beaded letters:

  • 16 gauge wire
  • red beads
  • clear beads
  • needle nose pliers with cutter
  • ribbon

Step 1:  Cut your wire.  I cut mine to about 15 inches.  Some letters took more wire than others.

Step 2:  Using the pliers, curl up one end of the wire.

Step 3:  Start adding your beads.  After you’ve added about 1o inches of beads, start forming your letter to see how much more you need to add.

Step 4:  Curl the other end of the wire up and then form your letter all the way.


That’s it!  Your beaded letters are complete.  Add a little ribbon to make an ornament or gift tag.  I’m pretty sure that you need to make these Beaded Letter Ornaments for all your favorite people this Christmas.  I made one for my mom and for my nieces.  Now I need to make one for myself.  I think they also make a great teacher gift.

Not only are they easy to make but they look gorgeous hanging on the Christmas tree.

Who would you make one for?

Beaded Letter Ornaments

And now for some more fun ornament ideas!

You won’t want to miss these great tutorials.

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Owl Ornaments Using Clay and Buttons

Today I’m sharing cute owl ornaments I made for my nieces along with a fabulous collection of handmade ornaments from a few of my friends.

These ornaments were so much fun to make and were inspired by the supper talented Jill from Homemade by Jill.

Owl ornaments using clay and buttons

Materials needed:

  • Sculpey clay
  • Felt buttons and black buttons for the eyes
  • Glitter Mod Podge
  • Yellow Foam sheets for the nose
  • jute rope
  • large drinking glass and small glass.  I used a shot glass because that was the smallest glass I had:)
  • large skewer for chest and making the hole at the top for the rope
  • glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1:  Roll out the clay and use the large glass to create the owl’s body.

Step 2:  Use the smaller glass to cut out a small piece at the top.  Then gently press in the small glass on each side to create the wings.

Step 3:  Use the skewer to create dots on the chest.  Then press the skewer all the way through at the top so you can hang the ornament on the tree.

Step 4:  Paint the owl.  I used two different colors for each owl.  Then I painted a layer of the glitter mod podge over the entire owl.

Step 5:  Once the that was dry, I glued the eyes on and cut a small triangle from the foam sheet for the nose

Step 6:  Thread the jute rope through the hole and you are ready to hang your ornament on your tree.

Such a cute and fun ornament.  Now Connor wants to make a blue owl for our tree so we will be making more this weekend.

Now check out these fun projects from the Adorable Little Ornaments blog hop.

Adorable Little Ornaments

And enter this awesome giveaway for a Sculpey and Button Craft pack valued at $50!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy holidays!

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Monogrammed Snowflake Ornament

This post is brought to you by Plaid Crafts.

I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet.  I feel like summer just ended and Connor was starting kindergarten.

I will be pulling out the Christmas decorations next weekend so I thought it would be fun to have a few new ornaments this year.

I love making Christmas ornaments and these ornaments combine a few of my favorite things – glitter, Mod Podge, and monograms!

monogrammed snowflake ornaments

And guess what?  They are super easy to make!!

Supplies needed:

  • clay
  • snowflake cookie cutter
  • foam glitter letters
  • glitter mod podge
  • paint brush
  • ribbon

Step 1:  Roll out your clay and cut snowflakes out with the cookie cutter.  Press a letter in the center of each snowflake then carefully remove.  You want to create a small indentation so you can stick the letter on after it has baked.

Step 2:  Make a small hole at the top for your ribbon and bake according to the directions on the package of clay.

Snowflake Monogrammed Ornaments

Step 3:  Paint the snowflake with mod podge glitter to make it awesome and sparkly.

Step 4:  Add your foam letter to the center.

Step 5:  Tie your ribbon on your new ornament.  Then step back and admire your fabulous monogrammed snowflake ornament.

I just love how they turned out!  Isn’t it amazing how glitter Mod Podge can make any project so much better?!!

Snowflake Monogrammed Ornaments

A few of my friends came over this weekend and saw them on the table.  They immediately started looking for letters so that I could make them ornaments.  I guess I’ll be busy this weekend making more ornaments.

These would make awesome gift tags also.

Is your tree full of personalized ornaments?  Can you ever have too many monogrammed ornaments on your tree?


Thank you Plaid for sponsoring this post! Visit Plaid’s blog, follow them on Facebook, and sign up for their email newsletters to see all the latest products and ideas!

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Reindeer Handprint Ornament

How many of your ornament on your tree are personalized?

I think pretty much every ornament on our tree is personalized in some way which makes decorating the tree so much fun for us.

One of my favorite ornaments is the Santa Handprint Ornament from last year.  Connor was amazed to see how much his hand has grown in just one year.

reindeer handprint clay ornament
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And now this year we made a Reindeer Handprint Ornament.

Want to make one too?  It’s pretty easy!

All you need is white clay, brown paint, a red pom pom, brown sharpie, one googly eye, and ribbon

Step 1:  I rolled out the white clay and then pressed Connor’s hand in it.  I used a knife to cut around the handprint.  Then I baked it in the oven.  Don’t forget to poke the hole for the ribbon before baking.

Step 2:  I painted the inside of the handprint brown.  Once the paint dried I outlined the handprint with a brown sharpie and colored in the hooves.

Step 3:  I glued on the eye and nose and used double sided tape to attach pipe cleaner antlers to the back.

Step 4:  I traced the handprint onto the felt, cut it out and glued it to the back to give it a more finished look.

Step 5:  Thread the ribbon through the hole and hang on your Christmas tree.

I love how the reindeer and Santa look next to each other on the tree.  The Santa is still my favorite but it so fun to see how Connor’s hand has grown.  I’m going to have to come up with another handprint ornament for next year’s tree.

What is your favorite ornament on your tree this year?

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Wedding Sheet Music Ornament

I’m so in love with this ornament!  We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary so when I saw sheet music ornaments from BHG on Pinterest, I knew I needed to make one with our wedding song.  

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And it was super easy to make.  I ordered my sheet music online and received a digital download right away.  Then I printed out the sheet music, cut it into strips, rolled each strip using a pencil, and placed it inside a clear ornament.  

What a great keepsake ornament!!  It makes me smile every time I walk by it on the tree.  
What is your favorite ornament on your tree this year?

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Santa Handprint Ornament

First of all I  L*O*V*E  any craft that requires Connor’s handprint and I also love adding personalized ornaments to our Christmas tree every year.  So as soon as I saw this Santa Handprint Ornament on Pinterest I immediately added it to my Future Projects board and I knew I had to make it this year!

How many of you pinned this adorable ornament also?

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? I am so happy with how it turned out and I love that it is such a special keepsake! They weren’t that hard to make at all. We used the clay that you bake in the oven, red paint for the hat, nose, and rosy cheeks, tan paint for the face, and a black sharpie for the lines.

And I think I now have a new tradition each Thanksgiving Eve: An ornament craft night. My friend Cindy came over Wednesday night with her two boys and we had so much fun making ornaments together. I do have to say that we did most of the work since our boys are only three and two but it was definitely worth the time it took to hand paint each ornament.


Next year we will definitely have ornaments that the kids can make themselves. But for now we have these adorable Santa handprint ornaments to hang on our tree that we will treasure for many years to come.

These ornaments truly mark a moment in time and to me that is the best thing a personalized ornament can do.

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Subway Art Personalized Ornaments

I’m loving all the subway art I’ve seen on various blogs I follow so I decided to try something simple before I make my family one for the house.

I decided to create subway art personalized ornaments for my husband, son, dog and me.

I started with four pieces of christmas scrapbook paper, 4 small wooden squares 3.5 x 5.5, red paint and red ribbon.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create arrange my words.  I set the paper to the size of the wood by clicking on File and then Page Setup.  Then I started typing in different words to describe everybody and played around with the different fonts.  It really didn’t take that long at all.

After all 4 of my slides were complete, I cut the scrapbook paper to 4 x 6 because I was using my PictureMate printer to print the images.   Then, I just placed the 4 different sheets of paper in the printer and printed the four images.

I then was ready to attach the paper to the wood.  I painted the wood pieces red and when it dried, I simply decoupaged the paper images to the wood.  When it was all dry, I drilled a hole in the wood and pulled the ribbon through so it can hang from the tree.

A fun and simple keepsake ornament!  My favorite part was including Connor’s toys that he loves playing with this year .  It will be fun to look at in the future and remember what he liked in 2010.

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