Bubble Painting

One of my favorite things about blogging is teaming up with other bloggers to bring you fun activities and tutorials.  Today I’m participating in the Kids Summer Craft Camp Blog Hop and we are sharing fun painting activities that you can do this summer.

Have you ever tried to paint with bubbles?  I had never even heard of this fun technique until this past weekend.  My neighbor  is a preschool teacher and she was telling me about it so Connor and I had to try it.

bubble painting

Who knew bubble painting could be so much fun!

Materials needed:

  • plastic cups
  • straws
  • paint (I used acrylic paint but I’m sure you can use washable paint)
  • dish detergent
  • water
  • cardstock

Add about 1 tablespoon of paint color, 2 tablespoons dish detergent, and 2 tablespoons of water to each cup.  I didn’t actually measure, I just guesstimated and it all worked out:)

Mix each cup using the straw and start blowing bubbles.  Once the bubbles rise above the rim of the cup, lay your paper over the bubbles.  Then remove the paper and repeat with a different color paint.  It’s as simple as that!

homemade notecardsI ended up cutting the card stock into 4 pieces so it was easier to cover the entire piece of paper with the bubble paint.  Then once the paint dried we made notecards for Connor to send to his grandparents.  I took cardstock and folded the paper into notecards.  I cut out a heart and used double sided tape to attach his bubble art to the notecard.

Check out the rest of the Campers for this Summer Craft Camp!

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It’s Going To Be A Bright Bright Sunshiny Day Sign

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #PaintYourWay http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Summer means a few things around here.  It means that I get to hang out with Connor every day.  It means that we get to hang at the beach and pool whenever we want.  It means not having to set my alarm clock and it means that I get to work on craft projects I’ve had on my to-do list for months.

So this past weekend I finally took the time to finish a project that I started in December.  I redid Connor’s bathroom during my winter break and wanted to create a piece of art for the wall.  I wanted something bright and cheery so this is what I came up:

bright sunshiny day wood sign

DIY It’s Going to be a Bright Bright Sunshiny Day Distressed Sign

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have any fancy machines that cut vinyl or make stencils so this was all painted by hand but it’s much easier than you think.  Remember, if I can do it – you can do it!  Just put on a good movie and start painting.

Supplies needed:

  • Piece of wood
  • paint for background color
  • Sharpie Paint Markers – medium tip and fine tip (found at Michael’s)
  • sand paper
  • graphite paper
  • pencil
  • words printed out on paper
  • painters tape

Forget the paint and paint brush! The best part of this project was using the Sharpie Paint Pens I found at Michael’s.

bright sunshiny day wood sign step 1

Step 1:  Start by getting your board ready.  I purchased my wood at Home Depot and had them cut it for me.  Then paint it the color you want.  As you can see, I chose to paint my sign yellow.  And this is how it sat in my craft closet for the past 6 months.

bright sunshiny day wood sign step 2

Step 2:  Create your words and print them out.  I created the words and phrases using  Microsoft PowerPoint.  Then cut them into strips and adhere them to the board using painters tape.  I also taped around the edges of the entire board so that I could space my words and phrases out evenly.

Step 3:  Slide the graphite paper underneath the strips of paper and trace each letter so that it transfers onto the board.

bright sunshiny day wood sign step 3

Step 4:  Remove the paper and graphite paper and start painting each letter.  The Sharpie Paint Marker made this step so much easier and faster.  And don’t worry about the graphite paper rubbing on the wood outside of the letters.  It will easily come off when you wipe the board at the end.

Step 5:  Once the paint is dry, lightly sand the edges and over the entire board.  This is my favorite step.  I love watching the yellow paint come through the white letters.

Step 6:  Wipe the board clean with a dry cloth.  Then step back and admire your new sign.

bright sunshiny day wood sign

So what do you think?  Fun and cheery sign, right?  I love making distressed wood signs and it’s so worth the hard work!

sharpie paint markers

Forget the paint and paint brush!  The best part of this project was using the Sharpie Paint Markers I found at Michael’s.  They definitely made this project so much easier.  I used the fine point marker to outline each letter and then used the white medium point marker to fill each letter in.  Make sure you keep an eye out for great deals on these Sharpie Paint Makers the next time your shopping at Michael’s.

For more inspiration and fun craft projects,  follow Sharpie on Facebook and Twitter and check out the Sharpie Pinterest Board.  So many fun ideas!

What would you like to create with Sharpie Paint Markers?

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Latitude & Longitude Wall Art

As soon as I came across Kirsten’s Latitude and Longitude artwork on Pinterest, I immediately saved her free printable and created my very own.

latitude longitude wall art

I love how it turned out!  I used Pic Monkey to add my coordinates and the quote “Home is where our story begins.”

 latitude and longitude wall art

Isn’t her printable AMAZING!!  I love the map.  Kirsten’s entire site is fabulous!  I love finding great ideas and awesome new blogs on Pinterest.

I uploaded it to Shutterfly and ordered it for less than $4.

Oh, I just love it so much!!  Thanks Kirsten for inspiring this artwork and for the free printable.  And, of course, thank you Pinterest for taking time out of my day and always inspiring me!

What has Pinterest inspired you to create lately?  Don’t forget to link up to this month’s Pinterest Challenge.

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Create and Share – Handprint Art

Welcome back to another Create & Share Round Up and Link Party.  Ami, Kate and myself are so glad you’re here!!
Today we want to share with y’all…..
handprint art link party round up
handprint art link party round up
 Now we would LOVE for you to share your handprint art ides with us!!

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Anthro-Inspired Wall Art

I’m so excited to share my latest project with you.  I’m not sure if I’m happier with the final result or the fact that it cost me less than $5 to make.

A few months ago I fell in love this this Circle Blooms Framed Art as soon as I saw it on Anthropologie’s website but I was not in love with the price tag.

But I just knew I had to make something similar to it.

Fast forward a few weeks and I came across this fabulous piece of art from Two Girls Being Craft that uses paint chips and I figured out how to complete my knock off art.

I decided I could make the Circle Blooms using paint chips.

I immediately went to Home Depot and picked out the colors I wanted to use.  I did not pick the exact same colors in the inspiration piece and you can really do any color combination you want.

Materials needed to make your own:

  • canvas – I used an old picture that someone gave me
  • paint chips
  • scissors
  • modge podge
  • paint brush
  • something circle to use as a template – I used a penny, nickel, quarter and dime as my templates so the circles would be different sizes.
  • ruler to determine the center

I started out by painting this picture and frame white:


After you gather all your materials it really is easy but a little time consuming.  The longest part was cutting out the circles (I’m sure you guessed that).  Good thing my husband and I needed to catch up on a few episodes of True Blood.

To cut the circles I placed the coin on a few paint chips and just cut around it.

As I cut I determined how I wanted to combine colors and I just kept playing around with it until I was happy with how it looked.

After I had it all laid out, I just started using the modge podge to adhere the circles to the canvas.  After a few minutes I had to go back with the end of my paint brush to push down the edges so they didn’t curl up.  For some reason the blue circles curled up the most.  I’m not sure why.

Once I had all the pieces down I let it dry over night.  The next day I covered the entire canvas with modge podge.

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the process because I was just so excited to complete the project.


It might have taken longer than painting circles but I love the way it turned out!  It was definitely worth the time and effort.  Now I need to decide where to hang it.

Thanks Anthropologie and Two Girls Being Crafty for the inspiration!  You all rock!

Have you used paint chips to make any art work?  I’d love to hear all about it and see pictures.

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