Tuesday’s Tips #9 – Let’s Paint!

I’m getting ready to repaint our bedroom and thought I would share some painting tips I’ve come across recently.

First up, I found this awesome tip.  Use a rubber band or wire hanger to remove access paint from the brush to keep the can’s rim clean.  I can’t believe I never thought of this before!!  No more paint dripping down the can!
Source: 320 Sycamore

Use painters tape to protect the metal and handle from being covered with paint.

Source: Adventures in Remuddling
This has to be the best tip ever!  Use a hammer and a nail to make holes around the inner rim of the paint can so paint drips back into the can.  Some people are so stinkin’ smart – way smarter than me because I never would have thought of this!!

Save those milk jugs so you can hold paint and brush when painting trim.

Source:  My Life and Kids
Wrap wet paint brushes and rollers in saran wrap and aluminum foil.  Then store in the refrigerator.  This will prevent brushes and roller from drying up.

Source:  The Family Handyman
Another genius idea!!  Remember paint colors by writing them on a piece of tape and sticking to the back of a light switch plate in the room that you just finished painting.

What it is your favorite painting tip you’ve discovered and found to be helpful?

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  1. I especially like the idea to write down the paint color! Some people are just so clever!


  2. wow these are great tips I guess I will have to remember them. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great tips! I especially love the milk jug idea- will have to pin to remember that one!

  4. Great tips! There is one good one missing (just my opinion). To cut back on the odor of paint in your house, add a little vanilla extract. It does not discolor the paint and it really does work. :)

  5. awesome tips…I would have never thought of those!

    I am following you from the blog hop today.

    My site is queenoftheblingandotheramazingthings.blogspot.com

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