Tuesday’s Tips #4

I’ve got some great tips for you this week!!
How smart is this?  The Virtuous Wife shares how she uses Press’n Seal to keep her refrigerator clean.  I will definitely be doing this this weekend!!

This is another fabulous idea from Pinterest.  If you know who the original creator of this idea is, please comment below so I can give them the proper credit they deserve.
Use a razor to remove pills from clothes.  I wish I would have come across this tip sooner. 
Does your dish towel always slip off your oven like mine does?  Then this tip is perfect for you!  Sew or use iron on velcro to keep your towel from falling off.
This last one isn’t really a tip but I saw it today and had to share because it is AMAZING!!  I think my husband and I would have just as much fun as Connor.  I’ve already invited our friends and their children over for a Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt this weekend.  And we might be doing this all summer long!
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and don’t forget to add any great tips you’ve found recently.

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  1. The glow in the dark eggs – how? Is it the glow in the dark necklaces that go into it?

  2. ooh! I love the soap container to make a sink extension very cool, and the eggs look super cute! Just stumbled over here cute blog! XO



  3. I am curious about the glow in the dark eggs too.

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