Have you met Rachel from Family Ever After?

Hello friends of Happy Go Lucky! I’m Rach H, blogging over at Family Ever After, and I’m really excited to be blog swapping with Kara today!

I’m just a girl from South Dakota who likes to take pictures, clog dance, run, cook, design, sew, and craft, especially with my 3 kids! Here are a couple things I’ve recently blogged about. If you have a second to come visit, that would be fantastic! 
when i should be cleaning my kitchen… sometimes i get carried away
i really never thought i’d be like my mom and make my own wreaths…
but here i am! ha!
hello bonjour, who isn’t obsessed with frenchy things these days? 
i lived in paris during a semester of college. here’s my little shrine. c’etait la vie…

I designed this Corpse Bride costume for my daughter this Halloween.

i majored in home ec during college. yup.
i made this little baby graduation cap and gown in between class periods while i was a middle school sewing teacher!

you know you’re crazy when you bring your sewing machine to a hotel and make dresses for your children the night before your hubbie’s graduation!
Sometimes I have embarrassing ideas, and live to blog about them.

i like to decorate on the cheap.

I recently made this for my favorite season.

i don’t come up with many of my own recipes, but there are a handful of keepers. 

my healthy waffles are pretty tasty!
sometimes i just throw things together and call it “good enough.” 
as long as they taste good, that’s what counts!
i’m a novice gardener, learning as i go. we had a crazy crop of tomatoes this summer, which gave me lots of room for experimenting in the kitchen.
did i mention i really love crafting with my kids?

here are a few of my favorite things…
sunflowers! especially from a field in south dakota!
pretending i know how to take pictures!
wide open spaces.
(ok, so there’s a fence here. but i really long to live in the great wide open. check my pinterest dream home board to see what i mean).
Basically, my blog is a big mishmash of my favorite things, mostly crafts, and I try to keep it lighthearted and fun. I love to post tips and tutorials and recipes and crafts.

Thanks for reading!
The end.

Oh my gosh!  Isn’t she fabulous?!  Thanks Rach for sharing.  

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Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web. I hope I've inspired you to be creative!! You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. ~Maya Angelou

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  1. So much fun, I love that sunflower pic.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love putting together piles of my favorite things. :oD

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