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This week’s challenge for InstaFriday was to take a picture of something that you love.

One thing that I’m lovin’ this week is that my husband is home!!!  He has been gone for 6 weeks and came home today!
Connor was beyond thrilled to see him!  
It was the cutest, most sweetest thing ever!!  
Now Connor will not let my husband out of his sight.
I love watching Connor’s personality form right in front my eyes.  He is quite the comedian.  I love how silly he is and how he is always making other people laugh.  
He is so much like my husband.  It’s a little scary.
I also love our snuggle time right after I give him his bath.  It is the highlight of my day!  It reminds me to stop and enjoy these precious times because he is growing up so fast.
Now for a few of the things I love:
 I love the Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks.
 I love my camera strap that my mom made me for my new camera.  I would also like to add that I have the best mom in the WORLD!!
And I love sunflowers.  They’ve always been my favorite so when I see them they just make me so happy!!

It’s been a GREAT week.  I hope yours has been good also.
What are you loving this week?
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  1. Love the sunflower!!! So thankful for you and your family that you are all together again!!! Nothing like a daddy and his boy!!!

    thank you for letting me look at your week!!!

  2. how precious! my husband has been gone for a work related trip for about 11 days now and its hard :(

    newest gfc follower via the super stalker sunday blog hop. would love a return follow

  3. That is such a precious picture of your Husband and Connor. I’m happy to hear that he’s home! So happy to hear you got a new camera. I remember you telling me you wanted to get one. What kind did you choose?

  4. Goodness, your little one is adorable! I have not tried the salted caramel mocha yet. i’m a huge pumpkin spice latte fan. is the new one good? Great pics – thanks so much for linking up this weekend!

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