Felt Roses Picture Frame

How many of you see something you love while you’re out shopping and get home and decide you have to try and make it yourself?

This happens to me a lot and I hope I’m not the only one.

So, I was recently at Pier 1 looking at their candles (because I love their candles) and came across this sweet felt rose picture frame.  I didn’t really put much thought into the frame because I was too focused on candles but when I got home I started thinking more about how cute it was.  Then it dawned on me, “I think I can make it myself!”

I headed to Michael’s to get a cheap wood frame and some sheets of felt.  My total was less than $5.  The only other materials I needed were scissors and my handy dandy glue gun.
I started by figuring out how to make the felt roses.

I cut the felt into 1 inch strips.

Then I cut each strip into 4 equal pieces.
Then I folded each piece in half and used my scissors to round the edges.
I did this a lot!!
This is where you find a good movie to watch.  Just keep cutting.

Once all your pieces are cut, it’s time to plug in the glue gun.  I took each piece and glued the ends together.

Then I glued two pieces together to form the rose.

Once I had a nice pile of roses, I started gluing them in rows to the frame.

I just kept adding rows of roses until the entire frame was covered.

I have to admit that this project turned out pretty darn cute for about a fifth of the price!  It is a little time consuming but definitely worth it.  I kind of wish I would have used pink felt so I could have given to my precious niece.  I guess I’ll be going to back to Michael’s soon to make another one:)

So what do you think?

What have you seen recently at a store that you just had to make yourself?

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  1. I love it… it is amazing you were able to make it for so cheap. $30 seems HIGH for that frame or for any frame that size.

  2. Good for you, this is lovely!

  3. Great job!
    I love the DIY frame.

    By the way, I’m your newest follower via GFC from Monday Blog Hop.
    Please feel free to visit my blog. Looking forward to seeing you there, and hope you follow me back. Thanks!


  4. So cute!

    I’m a new follower from the Monday Monkey hop. Hope you can stop by http://www.mamasmusingsblog.blogspot.com

  5. first off…I cant get enough of the candles at Pier 1!!! Ahhhh FALL the smell is so great!
    Anywho…you are talented : )That frame looks great!

  6. I love that! I’ve seen frames like that before, but your’s is cuter!!


  7. Love the frame idea… I often will go somewhere and look at it and then think hey I can do that myself… and for a whole lot cheaper :) Hey it saves money plus I love anything crafty… so it gives me something fun I like to do.

    Also, wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award. :)


  8. Yes, I’m the same – I love to challenge myself to discover crafty ways to recreate things I have seen or liked. Good job by the way. It’s very effective. I came here via Hannah’s link up.

  9. Wow I love this! This would be a fun craft to do with friends too!

  10. What a great project! :) I’ve featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

    If you would like a “featured by” button, you can grab one here:

  11. This looks so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  12. That is absolutely precious!! Looks like Christmas gifts to me!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

  13. Super cute idea. I am your newest follower. Feel free to check out my site and follow me back here: http://www.utahcountymom.com

  14. Very pretty – thanks for linking to http://www.thestuffofsuccess.com

  15. This is super cute! I love how it turned out. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing

  16. The felt roses are so sweet and lovely and I love the way they look when grouped together on the frame!

    Always a pleasure to have you be a part of “A Little Birdie Told Me…” at Rook No. 17!


  17. Love, love, love it. I am inspired to try my own felt rose frame now:) Thank you for sharing! God bless x

  18. I haven’t really implemented in the frame of thinking, because I was too focused on the candle, but when I got home, I started thinking, how lovely it is.

    frames online

  19. I saw this online and had already added it to my DIY too–this is beautiful, and I’m glad I can follow your method ;P

  20. I am sooo going to try this! So pretty!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  21. Really Cute!! Thanks for sharing…. It will be a great Valentines’ gift for my son’s Kindergarten teacher. I plan to put a picture of him with his teacher taken on the first day of school! Thanks for the great idea!… Sonya

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