Teacher Gift Idea – Printable

In honor of all the wonderful teachers, I wanted to share an easy gift idea for Teacher Appreciation Week.

As a teacher who loves notecards and subway art, I decided to combine the two.  Print yours out HERE or use Tagxedo to create personalized subway art in the shape of an apple. 

I typed in different words to describe a teacher.  To personalize it, I include the name of Connor’s teacher.  To make her name larger and stand out, I typed it in 5 times.  You can do this to any of the words.

Once you’ve typed in your words, you can play around with all the different fonts, colors and layout options.  

I set my layout options as the following:

  • Emphasis:  40%
  • Maximum Word Count: 130
  • Tightness:  75

I just played around with all the different setting.  There are so many different options, shapes, colors, etc.  It is a little addicting,  Save your artwork as a jpg and you are ready to start creating all kinds of things.

To create the notecards I inserted the two pictures into Microsoft Word and printed them out.  Then I cut the paper in half and folded the cards in half. 

Have fun creating an easy gift idea that is personalized.  I can guarantee that every teacher will love receiving these notecards.

Don’t have time to make one yourself?  No worries.  I’ve created a set of two that you can print out here.  Print out as many as you want, cut along the dotted line and fold in half.  Pair with matching envelopes and you have a great gift for any teacher.  I made the word “teacher” enlarged so it can be given to any teacher.

The free printable will look like the following when it is printed.  The final note card will measure 5.5×8.5 and when folded will measure 4.25×5.5.

Teachers can always use note cards so enjoy making these subway art note cards and make a teacher’s day!

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  1. Omg Kara!! This is great! Such a cute gift (for myself haha)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this gift! I would love to personalize these for my two son’s teachers. Would you mind if I asked what font you used? I am having a little trouble. Love love love this!

  3. Okay, I can’t figure out how to make one! Every time I click on “create” it has one already made! please help!!

  4. Kara! This is such a great idea! I can make Easter cards with this!

  5. very cute idea!
    new follower from the fab friends blog hop :)
    have a nice day!

  6. Great idea! Great blog too! You are so creative! This would make a nice gift for the end of the year as a “thank you” to the wonderful teachers my kids had this year!
    I’m a NEW FOLLOWER from the blog hop!
    Hope you can hop by and visit me:

  7. CUTE! Mine arent quiet old enough for this yet but great idea. Thanks so much for linking up and for your lovely comments:)

    xoxoxo Hanna

  8. I am a teacher & would LOVE to get a gift like this! I will have to keep this in mind for my son’s MDO teachers this year!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Taxgedo link isn’t working….

  10. I can’t figure out how to get the words to repeat or keep the MRS. with the teachers name.

  11. What size jpg did you download to your computer? The one I chose printed out blurry. Thanks

  12. Hi,
    thank you for sharing. I am doing one of this for my children’s Teacher’s Day pressie. Just wanna find out how where I could increase the font size of the name of the teacher. :)

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  13. this is cool for a few of the teachers I know.

  14. Can you please tell me how to create my own? I went to taxedo, but it puts in the word mother instead of the words I want. HELP!!!! :)


  15. Mommy of 3 – click on “LOAD” there will be a box that says text, that is where you enter the text you want to include. I am still trying to get mine together!

  16. Is there a way to print the large apple to a 8 by 10 scale to place inside a phot frame? Instead of placing the teachers name I would like to put the preschools name – two words. Please let me know!! This site and your ideas are ADORABLE!!

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